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This is my personal webpage. Here you can know about me and my academic work and interests. You'll also have access to content at different degrees of specialization, from very specific topics to items in scientific disclosure. I hope that you find it useful. Please, feel free to contact me.

[The oldest ancestor of this page was made 15 years ago (2005)].

In loving memory of Nube

Today is a paradoxical day: unexpectedly, the sky got one more young Nube (Cloud), and I got one year older. Nube, my non-human friend, return to the ground today; the same date in which I first breathed some decades ago.

Death comes, many times, without warning and as a reminder of the value and volatility that life has, in an ever changing world.

Today two of the most powerful forces of human life come together in my mind: consciousness of my life and consciousness of death. Their confluence gives rise to a strong feeling of appreciation for life itself.

Less than a day ago I was planning to launch this website for my birthday; today, with the natural pain that comes with a loss, I want to pay homage to Nube, and to our non-human friends and the beautiful engrams created in our brains by their uplifting, unconditional and loving company.

Carlos Muñoz-Suárez
August 4th, 2020
(Day 133 of the pandemic confinement in Colombia)

"Mirrors are not more silentnor the creeping dawn more secretive;in the moonlight, you are that pantherwe catch sight of from afar.By the inexplicable workings of a divine law,we look for you in vain;More remote, even, than the Ganges or the setting sun,yours is the solitude, yours the secret.Your haunch allows the lingeringcaress of my hand. You have accepted,since that long forgotten past,the love of the distrustful hand.You belong to another time. You are [Lady]of a place bounded like a dream."- Jorge Luis Borges -